Friday, March 28, 2008

Studded Tire deadline extended in Washington and Oregon

Studded Tire deadline extended in Washington and Oregon

Date: Thursday, March 27, 2008

Contact: Chris Christopher, Co-Director Maintenance and Operations, (360) 705-7850
Alice Fiman, WSDOT Communications, (360) 705-7080

OLYMPIA – The studded tire deadline is extended through April 5.

“The anticipated winter weather for the next few days plus the desire to give drivers time next week to remove studded tires led to this decision,” said Chris Christopher, WSDOT Co-Director for Maintenance and Operations. “We don’t anticipate extending the deadline past April 5."

In a coordinated effort with Oregon’s Department of Transportation (ODOT), the last day to legally use studded tires this season in Washington and Oregon is Saturday, April 5.

The Future of the Internet-free from Stanford

Using iTunes (works on MACs and PCs and is free to download) - you can take this course and others. Carry the course on you MP3 player (iPod, etc.) -tp.

Hawking USB Wireless with antenna

See more Hawking products on their web site.

How To Fight and Win

Fight Companies Online And Win

The Consumerist's
step-by-step guide to posting your complaint against a company online and getting results.

Those results can be money, an apology, a new device, or a hug, but you can tap into the power of the magical internet to get you some serious traction.

After blogging about customer complaints for nearly a year, and even ending up on TV a few times ourself, we've got what we think is a pretty good idea of what works.


This is the easy part...


For ease and speed, is pretty good. Give the blog a catchy title, like "Verizon Is Eating My Face."


Type the letters, one after another. Be sure to include Who, What, Where, When, and How. It's fine to be all emo but at least get the facts in there before you start slicing your wrists all over the screen.


A valid email address should do. If you don't feel like dealing with this blog for the rest of your life, set up a new email address like


People will need to offer you advice and solace, as well as throw text-based poop in your direction. Leave these playground gates open. Respond to questions when appropriate.


Include pictures, audio, video, phone call recordings, scanned copies of letters, and conversation transcripts. YouTube is good for uploading video. You can even get away with uploading pure audio there too. The key idea here is to publicly publish evidence to bolster your case. The more and the more irrefutable it is, the better your chances are of getting that money or hug you want.

Some of the following involve using HTML code. Don't worry if you don't know much about it. These services offer code you can drag and drop into your blog. Their sites also include instructions on doing so, in case you get stuck. Everything is learned through trial and error, so if it doesn't look right, tweak until it does!


If people hear your cry and are sympathetic, they may take it upon themselves to call or write the company on your behalf. Boom! Instant protest campaign.


Insert sitemeter code into your site. This will keep track of the traffic your blog receives. Images from its graph also makes for an easy post, "Look, traffic is up 300%!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

40 tons of monitors

The Seattle paper reported that Children's Hospital and the Regional
Medical Center recycled FORTY tons of computer monitors in 2006 !!!
That's a lot of monitors.

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