Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Aplin Software » Download
We believe that Neo’s SafeKeys will increase your security, but users should know that there is no 100% way to defeat ALL malicious keyloggers (keyloggers, mouseloggers, screenloggers and network loggers), and Neo’s SafeKeys does not proport to deliver 100% protection.

Neo’s SafeKeys is a small program that helps to defeat keyloggers on unsecure computer terminals.

Neo’s SafeKeys is perfect for travel – use it in internet cafes, the office or even at home as protection against stealth keylogging programs that can be installed without your knowledge.

Neo’s SafeKeys is a custom-made tool that allows for you to mouse-click your password on an on-screen keyboard.

Free will is not an illusion after all - life - 23 September 2009 - New Scientist

Free will is not an illusion after all - life - 23 September 2009 - New Scientist: "In 1983, neuroscientist Benjamin Libet asked volunteers wearing scalp electrodes to flex a finger or wrist. When they did, the movements were preceded by a dip in the signals being recorded, called the 'readiness potential'. Libet interpreted this RP as the brain preparing for movement.

Crucially, the RP came a few tenths of a second before the volunteers said they had decided to move. Libet concluded that unconscious neural processesMovie Camera determine our actions before we are ever aware of making a decision"